The Best “Bang for Your Buck” 3D Animation Program

If you’re searching for 3D animation programs to create stunning 3D images with ease, then read on to see why Illusion Mage is the right tool for you.

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With IllusionMage you can create your own cartoon animated films in no time. You have the ability to produce 3D games easily. By owning IllusionMage you are in good company. This software is used by animation studios worldwide, as the interface is universally understandable.

The makers of IllusionMage have not left the user on their own to figure things out. A 250+ page tutorial written with the home user in mind is available to help guide one every step of the way. 20 step by step video tutorials totaling over 370 minutes make it unbelievably simple to create and publish content that is dynamic and enthralling.

The software supports multiple file formats including 3d Studio and Lightwave formats. Also, it is completely compatible with Mac and Windows. Even on Linux the software can be run but Wine is needed to make it happen.

Here are some IllusionMage features:

  • The ease of use is foremost on the minds of users as time is of the essence. IllusionMage does not make you feel like you need a degree in order to learn the ropes.
  • Fully customizable window layouts let you make this product your own.
  • Just one click lets you choose your preferred modeling and rendering options.
  • To facilitate all the necessary learning of the basic to advanced steps, there are over 300 hours of videos available.
  • The user is never left in the dark.

IllusionMage holds its own with the best of them, like software such as 3D Max and Maya, both well known, expensive 3d programs. But when you consider what you get for the money, IllusionMage is a excellent value.

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The advanced but simple 3D modeling functionality makes it a cinch to create any face, emotion or expression. Your imagination is all that limits the power of this feature. Having created a face you can with ease distort it any way you like.

Ever dreamed of drawing cartoons like you see form the Dreamworks and Pixar studios? Your dreams can become reality with Illusion Mage. The non-linear cartoon animation editor brings all this into the real world where you are able to edit motion and movement with the mouse.

Now I’m not saying IllusionMage creates the same quality images as seen in these films, after all they use some of the most expensive and powerful 3d generation programs available to man. But IllusionMage is certainly a great place to cut your teeth.

The Game creator mode allows you to construct realistic 3D games without knowing even the simplest of programming knowledge. Having created the draft version of a game, these can be played back and previewed before making final changes. The name of the game is Playstation grade quality without all the hurdles.

3D Editing and composition is a piece of cake with this tool. Designing landscapes that are rich and expansive come quick to fruition with IllusionMage. A great feature is the preview panel which allows the creator to make change to only parts of the content without loading the whole landscape.

As I’ve said throughout this review I cannot find better 3d animation software for the same price as IllusionMage. I won’t say it will be the last piece of software all 3D animation designers, from home hobbyists to professional game creators buy, but I believe IllusionMage is the best 3d software under $100.

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3D Computer Animation: The Skills and Training You Need

3d animation and graphics make use of a 3 dimensional depiction of a subject which is in geometric form for the reason of rendering images which are in 2d forms. It usually is utilized in computer graphic applications, making 3d animation video games and even cartoon style films such as Shrek. 3d animation software may also be used in corporate reports and in websites and consequently due to their three dimensional nature produce a better impact and often enable a better understanding.

3d animation software training.

If you have ambitions of becoming 3d animation pro and want to develop a strong understanding of 3d software and the various components that will assist you to bring a project to life. A number of the packages can help you get a head start for example, flash, macro media and photoshop etc. Although not essential, this can help form the basis of your 3d animation and design skill set.

Bringing figures to life isn’t always as easy as it appears. It usually takes plenty of practice and effort. Although having proper training and an in-depth understanding of 2d and 3d graphical design, can make it a whole lot easier. With programs like Illusion Mage one can easily produce very impressive web sites, graphical designs and logos, cool games plus much more.

3d computer animation and design is taught in various schools and institutes around the globe. Obviously organizations will have different curriculum on offer for aspiring 3d animators. Typically, computer animation training programs include 2d and 3d animation, digital arts, digital animation, as well as editing and visual effect modules.

The beauty of the age we live in is, you don’t need to be formally trained. Yes it can be an advantage, but their are several 3d animation programs like Illusion Mage that provide you with the software and also teach you pretty much all you need to know.

The relationship between 3d animation and 2d animation.

It’s pretty obvious that the main point of difference is the addition of a whole dimension in 3d computer animation when compared with 2d, yet the basic algorithm on which 3d animation software relies upon is very similar in both cases. This similarity is obvious inside the wire frame layout mainly.

The difference between 2d and 3d animation is not enough. They both use one another to achieve the sought after results. As an example 2d animation uses 3d effects like lighting and at the same time, the 3d animation uses rendering techniques that are taught in 2d. although there are differences like a 3d animation is technically not a graphic till the time it’s rendered in a manner that visually it reaches the stature of 3d. Thus, to become trained in 3d animation, one needs to become skilled in 2d graphics too.

How To Purchase The Best 3D Animation Programs & Software

The vast changing technological advancements have brought about a lot of software to the world. One of the most adopted is the 3D, which is mostly used in the graphic world. The developments in the world have led to the question of which is the best 3D software, something which may people can not tell.

There are several factors that need to be considered when purchasing 3d animation software. One of the major factors is cost. The cost will often reflect the features and abilities of the 3d program. For example, you can pay $5k for 3D Max and up to $7.5k for Maya Complete. The cheaper 3d animation programs will more often than not, have lesser features compared to some of the more expensive ones. So cost will vary depending on the features and abilities you need or want for your job. Due to the cost, it has become important thatĀ  businesses in need of high tech 3d software buy it when they are sure that they will get good returns quickly.

When purchasing any 3d software, you should get one that is easy to use and learn, especially if you’reĀ  beginner, but also you need to make sure it is going to perform the task you need it to and at the level of quality you desire. Obviously, you should also be able to understand its functions, as this make your time on the software more enjoyable. Some 3d animation programs can be very complicated for beginners and that’s why it is important to understand what you’re buying and get the one which suits your needs and matches your level of skill and knowledge.

When purchasing 3d software, you need to get one with the finest settings. The better the settings, the better the results will be. If for instance you run a graphic production business, you need to buy the tool that will produce the finest graphical works. Although this may lead to purchasing a more expensive program, in the long run you will get better results.

What you purchase is ultimately determined by the kind of task you need it for. This means understanding what your job is and what is needed for its perfect completion. For instance if you work on animations, it becomes important that you choose the right tool, something like Lightwave 3D, a professional 3d animation program at approx $500 is at the lower end of the price spectrum. It produces great results and doesn’t cost you thousands. But if you’re a home enthusiast I wouldn’t go past the 3d animation program called Illusion Mage. At a starting price of $47 you get one of the best value for money 3d software programs available today.

When you have decided on a 3d animation program to purchase, it is very important that you do it from a reputable dealer. Make sure that any 3d program available for download is the genuine product, and be sure to check that the 3d software offers suitable training and assistance where needed. If you find a known to be expensive 3d animation program going cheap, it’s possible that it is not genuine.

Unless you are a big business, or lucky enough to have a high disposable income and depending on the different uses and features you require, it is unlikely you’ll purchase the most expensive or best 3d software on the market. The point of difference for most 3d animation programs is their different functions and uses. Price is does not necessarily determine what is best, what is best depends on which 3d animation program will do your task effectively at an acceptable quality level that you desire.

What we should acknowledge most about the idea is that the advent of 3d animation progams has brought about a new era in graphic design industry and the world as a whole. 3d software has made it possible for people to create their own fantasy world, one is now able to create a movie from their homes and in some cases has presented new business opportunities. The best 3d software has allowed the Hollywood to move to a different level through the idea, thus reducing traditional shooting expenses to a degree. Although the initial start-up may be expensive, the idea in the future becomes one that is generating not only a lot of income for business and individuals, but also a lot of fun for 3d enthusiasts and graphic designers alike.